Medtec India

The healthcare industry in India has grown tremendously in the recent years. This in turn has helped increase the life expectancy and quality and counter diseases that were previously considered threatening and terminal. A great portion of the healthcare infrastructure is medical devices and equipment that extend and improve life by diagnosing, preventing or treating diseases. However these medical devices remain largely unavailable to majority of those in need in India.

With the shift in production and R&D facilities to suit Indian needs, Medtec Indiaoffers a unique platform to showcase innovative solutions and an opportunity for dialogue between relevant stakeholders.

With a focussed onsite conference programme with separate modules, exhibition area dedicated for open meetings, poster presentations to encourage budding engineers, designers and technicians, Medtec India has set stage to cater to the needs of medical devices industry.

Exhibit at Medtec India

The Indian Medical Technology is expected to grow from USD 2.75 Billion to USD 14 Billion in 2020. Valued at 3 percent in 2011, the industry is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 18 percent during 2010- 2015 period, which is better than 2-3 percent growth expected in the same sector in the US and Europe. This makes India as one of the top three emerging markets for investments in the Medical Sector.